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Did You Buy a Flow Hive? Here's What You Need

If you bought a Flow Hive, it came with product information and access to support that you should read right away. And your very next step should be to connect with local information and a mentoring beekeeping community.

The Flow Hive is an internet sensation that inspired hope and interest in beekeeping around the world, but your bees don't have a chance if you don't learn how to care for them right where they are. And the inventors of the Flow Hive agree!

If it were easy to take care of bees, we would not be so worried about them. Most reputable courses require 10 or more hours of class time, considerable reading, and are followed by a lifetime of learning. 
To use your Flow Hive, you need:

Do you know where to find a course, tools, bees? Do you know how to evaluate the various options, prices, and claims made by different providers? Have you located the local club full of people who discuss these things all the time?

Please know that you are welcome here

We want to help you and your bees to succeed. Please consider joining a local association, many of which have Facebook pages and discussion groups. 

We will also provide more information here as it becomes available.