Do You Have A "Bee Problem?"

Do all those bugs look the same to you?

Yeah, we know.

But the thing is, some of them can sting you over and over, and some will die if they do. Some help eliminate pests like flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches, and some help put food on your plate.

In the photos, the European Giant Hornet on the bottom is actually eating a honeybee!

Ask a Beekeeper

An experienced beekeeper can tell you whether the insects outside your front door are a problem or a solution, and can help relocate the most helpful ones. We can help you eradicate critters with whom you truly cannot share your habitat, and give you accurate information about how to live and let live with the ones who can.

Also, if they really are honeybees, we want to take care of them for you.

Please contact BUMBA with questions about swarms in the Prince Georges County, MD, area by emailing